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5 Observations on the Evolution of Author Business Models

This is a fascinating article by Jane Friedman, on five important aspects authors have to pay attention to if they want to create a career out of writing.


After four days of immersion with this very experienced group of authors, I have a few observations about the business of authorship as publishing becomes increasingly digital-driven. (Ignore any recent misleading articles from the New York Times reporting the contrary.)

She talks about:
- The Importance of Series in Marketing, Promotion, and Overall Career Growth
- The Use of Social Media as a Data-Driven Marketing and Promotion Tool
- Where Innovation (and Power Plays) Happen: Ebook Retailers and Distributors
- The Next Frontier: International Sales
- The Writing Is Still the Focus

Personally, I found the remarks on series most helpful. I'm also aware I need to find ways to start measuring the effect of my social media marketing...

Read it all here: 5 Observations on the Evolution of Author Business Models

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