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Bad writing advice - and the funny response

This struck me as really funny, but it's basically a clash of two worlds - the literati and the authors for whom writing is a business that pays the bills.

First, there was passionate writing advice from a self-published author to write NO MORE than one novel a year because it takes time and hard work to polish that novel into a gem of the literary world. (Her books are not selling well. I know from experience she's making ~ $100 max per year.)

Read it here: Dear Self-Published Author: Do NOT Write Four Books a Year

I saw that one quoted on FB several times, and many, many writers were agreeing with her. emoticon

I do not. I don't think that quality depends on the time creating a book. As someone pointed out, taking eleven years to write "The Goldfinch" amounts to writing about ten words per day. Or twenty, if you add a complete rewrite. (I write twenty words in five minutes, max.)

That's sad.

Quality depends on the level of craft and efficiency.

Today, I found a wonderful fisk of that story, one where a successful self-published pro author talks about which speed and process of writing make financial sense to him.

And he says, the whole point of making writing a career is to "GET PAID".

Read it here: Fisking the HuffPo, because writers need to GET PAID

And if you ask me... well, I'd rather get paid. Which is why I'm writing lots these days, and if all goes well, I'll throw seven to nine books on the market next year, under two different pen names. I have consistently written 10k words per week lately, and I'm not giving that up again.

Bye, bye, Day Job! emoticon

- Firlefanz

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