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Amazon KU 2.0

There has been a lot of confusion, hair pulling and screaming about the changes that Amazon has announced for their subscription service Kindle Unlimited.

Basically, they will now pay for a page read, rather than a flat fee for a book read beyond 10%.

Personally, I feel that's much fairer, and it looks that even at a projected payout of ~ half a cent per page, authors won't do too badly.

Here are some blog posts by two of the most prominent indie authors, Hugh Howey and Joe Konrath.

Hugh Howey: Subscription Models for Literature

Hugh Howey: The Great KU Flip Out of 2015

Joe Konrath: Subscription Ebook Services

What do you think?
Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, Sribd or Oyster?

- Firlefanz

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