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Successful Indie Release Strategies by Craig Martelle

Craig Martelle is one of the main admins of 20BooksTo50k, which was founded by Michael Anderle (who wrote the foreword for this book).

Both of them earn a good living by writing and publishing full time.

This is the second book by Craig about how to win the long game as a self-publishing author.

In this one, he discusses different kinds of book launches and how the strategy behind them works.

The group name plays with the idea that it takes 20 books (and extensive marketing) to earn a living. Both Craig and Michael work hard to teach indies what they need to do it.

I dream of getting there. Not sure I can make it, though. At least this book is getting me a bit further. emoticon

Non-Affiliate link to Amazon COM: Successful Indie Release Strategies

- Firlefanz

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