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The Reeve

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How to improve on perfection (Editing)

My writing is perfect; my manuscript is complete and without error don't you know? I caught every mistake before anyone noticed, right?

Think again. The first draft is responsible for one thing and one thing only. That "thing" is to get the story down in a written form so you can work on it (as opposed to always adding to your stories outline).

I don't know the "proper order" in the editing process, but I do know that when I used a reading program called Balabolka to read my story back to me, I suddenly saw mistakes I had passed over in my mind multiple times!


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Lady of the Land

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Re: How to improve on perfection (Editing)

Well, no story is ever perfect.

I have one FB acquaintance who is rewriting her novel for the umpteenth time, and has been working at the same old story for 30 years. emoticon emoticon emoticon

I have a feeling she'll never finish it.

So in the end, we can only do our best (love your reading program, will have to try this!), and then set the story free.

And yes, it is acceptable to fix typos and re-upload. Only possible if you're an indie, of course.

- Firlefanz

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