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The Reeve

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Ready to write a book?

I am on my seventh month in writing my book and just now discovered this site called "The Book Quiz!

The link is a quiz from a "book-coach" so as expected she is seeking clients. I filled out the information anyway and this was my results:

Overall Assessment: You're a Future Author!

Congratulations – you are a Future Author!

Based on your quiz responses, with the right approach, I believe you have what it takes to become a published author.

Passion: You're On Fire!

According to recent research, 90% of Americans want to write a book, yet only a small fraction of them actually do it.

Expertise: Solid Expertise


Based on your responses you have solid expertise in your topic area. This isn’t easy to achieve and will help you publish a book in your category.

Plan: Nice Start!

Based on your responses, you’re off to a very good start creating a plan to write and publish your book but you have quite a bit of room for improvement.

That’s okay – I was in exactly the same place before I wrote my first book – I didn’t know where to begin and the thought of holding a finished book in my hands seemed like a distant dream.


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Lady of the Land

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Re: Ready to write a book?


 emoticon emoticon emoticon

- Firlefanz

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