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Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

I read this book last year. It was recommended to me as a way to start taking my writing more seriously. I'm a bit mixed on it. I mean, it has a lot of very valuable information, and I got a lot out of the planning aspects of the plot structure and scene construction aspects. There are a lot of things borrowed from script writing, and it's helped me have a vision for an entire story, and the novel I'm writing now, I've planned through the ideas presented in Story Engineering, and I've run into way fewer roadblocks than I did when going it alone or using the snowflake method or any of that.

That's the good. Here's the not-so-good:

Brooks is not a very good writer. His voice comes across unevenly at best and patronizing and agonizing at worst. He has Strong Opinions (tm) and no time for dissenting opinions. He's also weirdly obsessed with The Da Vinci Code.

But he understands the mechanics of a story.

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Re: Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

Thanks for that suggestion!

I'm not big on reading writing advice. I avoided that for years and years. emoticon

Thing is, I wanted to find my own voice before being influenced by others. And I think it worked.

Having said that, I've read quite a few books and writing advice by several authors. And the result is very simple: Do what works for you. Experiment. And keep that which makes you feel good.

I don't plot a whole lot. I also don't use a developmental editor. I trust my story telling ability. I edit while I write. I also don't rewrite. (There are exceptions...) And I usually end up with stories that work and that readers like. I'm just not quite as fast as I want to be just yet...

(There are people who put out a novel or novella every month! And that's how they stay visible and make a lot of money.)

I like "Casting the Bones" by Robert Gregory Browne (who plots in a relaxed way) and the writing advice of Dean Wesley Smith (who is very much a pantser). Both are successful authors.


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