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Big change to Kindle Unlimited Payments

Now, I realize that nobody here except me has books up on Amazon and available through the Kindle Unlimited borrowing system. But I still want to share this news, because it might affect your writing plans.

You see, that system will change massively come June 1st 2015.

Right now, there is a monthly pot, and it pays out per borrow, as soon as 10% of a book have been read. In fact, it paid around [sign in to see URL] per borrow, which made it a gold mine for short reads.

In fact, I have earned more per borrow for "Dorelle's Journey" than per sale, since I price DJ fairly low - it's practically a short story, after all, and the entry book for my series.

Starting in July, Amazon will pay for borrows based on pages read. This is a huge difference. (Amazon does an internal format to determine the pages of each ebook, and guarantee they are all the same. This takes care of whitespace.)

I personally love that change. It takes away the preferred treatment for shorts, and puts an end to those scam ebooks that are only up to 10 pages long, to ensure payment the moment a reader openes the book.

Does that mean my novella series was a mistake?

I don't think so. Series still get preferred treatment by Amazon, and as long as I can keep readers happy with my stories, they'll keep coming back for more.

Yet it is certainly an incentive to publish my novels, and keep them in KU (which is a choice). And I think that's the second goal Amazon has in mind, bringing novels back to their library, by paying borrows of them better - if they actually get read all the way!

All in all, I think it means - optimistically - that authors get paid to write exciting books. That is a good thing.

For more perspective and thoughts, here's the post on ]The Passive Voice. Do check out the comments.

And here is what ]Hugh Howey has to say about it.

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