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It's about the characters ...

I found an article on Vikings today, and how they might have been more social than people thought for a while.

Yep, those Vikings that went plunding the western world, killing nuns and burning down monasteries and all that - guess what? They had a social side, as well.

Actually, living fairly close to one of the biggest Viking sites in Germany, I already knew that the plundering Viking was just an image. Getting a handle on archaeology does that too, it helps seeing even foreign people as mostly people, rather than aliens.

So what does that have to do with writing? It means that we should build a society around our characters. They interact with people just like we do - and they get much more believable if you show them doing that in your tales. Just like the Vikings who are now getting more 3D rather than being cardboard characters through the article I found.

What are you doing to make your characters 3D? Which societies are you creating for them?

And here's the link to that article where they analysed Icelanding sagas: ]Vikings May Have Been More Social Than Savage

- Firlefanz

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