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Book trailers

In my German writing group, book trailers were all the rage last year. I saw some professional ones, and a few self-made ones. And yet it seems the hype has faded - or am I mistaken and just out of the loop?

Anyway, back then I vowed to never ever do one myself.

Until I read this blog article today:
The One Marketing Tactic That Will Get Your Book Noticed

Thing is, I'm already creating video for my coaching work. I know Windows Movie Maker and can work with it. I even have a video camera. Of course, getting footage of a grove of sequoias won't happen easily. emoticon Nor can I take a dive with Pu'ukani, so it'll have to be stills.

The one big hurdle would be getting the audio for it. But I know a person who would teach me, plus I already have Audacity (the audio program mentioned in the article).

This means I probably could create a trailer. Interesting thought, to be honest, and I'm a little excited by the idea.

So what do you think about book trailers? Would you watch them? Would you get a book if you liked them?

- Firlefanz

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