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StarBridge by A.C. Crispin

I just finished the Kindle Edition of that novel. And I'm still blown away.

I started it yesterday evening. It started out slow, but I enjoyed getting to know the young heroine, on her way to a college education. And after a few chapters, it was hard to put away my Kindle, because bedtime had come and gone already.

So I picked it up again today, and couldn't stop. I simply had to find out whether everyone survives and whether Mahree and Rob end up a pair or not. (Won't spoil that one!)

So what's it about? It's about a frighter crew travelling from a colony world back to Earth who stumble into a First Contact situation. Things look great, as Mahree makes friends with a young alien about her age. But then a *bad thing* happens, and everything goes downhill. War threatens. Mahree, her Simiu friend and the ship's doctor, Rob, embark on a very dangerous voyage to save both worlds. That voyage brings maturity to the young people, and many surprises. Yet the differences in cultures continue to create problems, culminating in a fight to the death.

Even though the original edition was printed in 1989, the tale remains fresh and very readable. And now, it's also very easy to get as ebook:

StarBridge on
(Look to the right of the page for the Kindle Edition.)

As far as I know, the series will come back as print edition, as well.

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Re: StarBridge by A.C. Crispin

Hmmm, must have been pretty interesting then. emoticon
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