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Lady of the Land

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January Writing Goals

So, it's the start of a new year, and a brand new month. (Well, not quite, a few days have already been used up ... )

Anyway, what are your plans for this month? What do you want to write, start or finish?

I actually have a lot of plans ... in fact, there are a few deadlines looming. emoticon

- Finally finish the frame part of the horsie anthology. This has priority. I really, really need to get this moving, which makes it ever more tough for me to do it.

- Finish the Konrad novel by the 15th, as my beta-reader will come back from vacation then.

- Write a challenge entry, deadline 15th.

- Write a summary and character description for the Geschichtenweber anthology about the magical object. Deadline Jan 31st.

- Firlefanz

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Re: January Writing Goals

Quite the schedule there firle, if you keep that up, you'll seem like you are a professional writer for hire. emoticon
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